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In St.-Petersburg has finished the work of the international conference and exhibition "relay protection and automation of power systems 2017". In the event, which took place from 25 to 28 April, was attended by more than 350 experts the exhibition stands were presented by over 60 leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and solutions in the field of relay protection.

Exposition of the event was the Russian developers of devices of relay protection and automation, and companies from countries near and far abroad. For the first time in the history of the exhibition was attended by companies from the US and China. The General partners of the event were leading companies of China: Changyuan Group Ltd (cyg type), Hengtong submarine power cable company Ltd. (Hengtong group), Pinggao Group Co., LTD (GHG). From the Russian side was represented by the company "Rubezh - STROJJ REM".

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Feedback about the event

Engineering company "ProSoft-Systems" Ltd (Yekaterinburg)

Evgeny Makarov, the engineer-programmer of a Department of Energomash company "ProSoft-Systems":

Of course, participation in the exhibition is very useful for our company. First, this is a chance to tell about themselves and introduce new products. Second, the opportunity to see gathered in one place the latest world market and participate in various presentations.

At the conference on Thursday discussed topical issues of implementation of digital substation technology at the facilities of the unified energy system of Russia. Participants spoke about the practical application of "smart technologies" at the substations in different regions of the country. Colleagues from the US shared the experience of deploying industrial Ethernet in a single substation and networks linking the various power facilities.

Friday in the section dedicated to cyber security, the issues of information protection and resistance to the attacks aimed at the security of the power system. With the introduction of technologies of digital substation in Russia, the issue of cybersecurity is particularly acute. For specialists in relay protection (relaxicon) cybersecurity is a new and rather complex concept. When communicating the event of information security professionals and experts of relay protection cyber security issues become clearer for staff working in substations.

We would definitely recommend you to participate in this exhibition because it always gathers professionals. Allows you to establish new contacts, to exchange experience, acquaint visitors with their products.

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Pavlodar state University im. S. Toraigyrov (Kazakhstan)

Nikolay Kurguzov, Professor, Department "electric power engineering":

As a participant in International conferences and exhibitions, relay protection and automation in Russia in 2009 can not fail to note the high level of the organization. I was particularly struck by the grandeur of these events in 2017 in St. Petersburg and a large number of domestic manufacturers of modern digital protection. This is, of course, indicates a high level of development in Russia of both technology and theory of RZA.

The most important issues discussed at the conference RZA-2017, in my opinion, are:

  • trends, the ideology of building and conceptual issues of the development of modern relay protection and automation systems;
  • tasks and techniques of modeling of relay protection and automation;
  • the development of software systems of calculation and choice of settings of relay protection devices.

Given the exceptional usefulness of the International conference and exhibition "relay protection-2017", I urged my colleagues from the University and specialists of energy companies, and not just relaxicon, in any way possible, to participate in subsequent such events.

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Stephen Wu, Director:

I am Steven Wu of the company CYG. It is a leading company in the field of solving problems of relay protection and automation in China. It is a great honor for us to be here, to participate in this event. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate our equipment on the Russian market. Here we are looking for partners, because, as far as we know, Russia is an outstanding country with the largest number of energy facilities. To seek opportunities for cooperation with the Russian market, we have brought some innovative technologies and developments. For example, they can reduce the secondary cables at the substations and save space to build them. This device can be installed right on the spot. This is a very good event and we hope to take part in it in the future.

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