Exhibition and Conference  RPA is an unique ground, which unite producers and suppliers of electrical equipment, energy companies, government representatives, scientific- research universities and project organizations. This ground gives an opportunity to show achievements and new trends in this sphere of business, to discuss issues of: unite technical policy realization, systems and means of the relay protection, and emergency automation and reconstruction.


  • Modern ideology and conceptual issues of the development of relay protection and automation systems.
  • Integrated assessment and methods to improve the reliability and technical excellence of the relay protection and automation systems;
  • Modeling of power systems for the purpose of improvement and development of relay protection and automation systems.
  • Functional and hardware integration of systems for process control in electric power systems (WA, PA, automatic load-frequency control and others), an integrated system of management of power facilities;
  • Standard IEC 61850, implementation and especially the implementation of projects;
  • Methodological support of the process of calculation and selection of the settings and configuration of microprocessor devices of relay protection and automatics;
  • Issues of operation of relay protection devices in the UES of Russia;
  • Modern trends in the development of systems for emergency and operation management;
  • Integrated control systems for power facilities;
  • Control and protection associated with the development of the SMART GRID;
  • Experience and development issues of the WAMS, WACS and WAPS systems;
  • Expert analysis systems of emergency situations.

Exhibition and Conference RPA - a platform that unites manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment, utilities, government agencies, research and design organizations, which demonstrated achievements and developments in the industry, to discuss issues of implementation of the unified technical policy, means and systems of relay protection, emergency and operation automation for their operation and reconstruction.

RPA Audience

Every two years, the RPA Exhibition and Conference attracts quite a few experts from all the regions of the Russian Federation.

RPA Exhibition and Conference visitors include the leading technical experts in the sector, chief executives of energy companies, chief operating officers, and representatives of government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and research institutions.

RPA is the central event dedicated to relay protection and automatic equipment. The event represents the entirety of modern technologies and solutions, unites the leading sectorial entities, make it possible to establish business ties, strengthen market positions, find clients, and share experience.

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